Huge in both variety and size, South Africa’s biggest draw is undoubtedly it’s wildlife. Head to Hluhluwe Game Reserve – the country’s oldest safari park and one of the many places you can visit with TUI Tours – to tick off the Big Five. Drive up and down the rolling landscape, while looking out over the vast stretch of green grassland, only broken by the famous mammals grazing through it. Particularly important to this park is the white rhino as huge efforts have been made by the park to conserve this endangered animal.

Another popular place for Big Five-focused safaris is Kruger National Park. Wake early to see the park doused in an orangery red glow from sky to ground. Shortly after dawn, the sought-after residents start to wake, and you’ll likely catch them on their morning prowl. Choose a game drive near the Phalaborwa side of nearly two-million-hectare Kruger to enjoy sightings of wobbly-legged giraffes, zebra and antelope.

Around two hours north of Johannesburg lies untamed and wild Waterberg, a perfect place for an African bush experience that will make you feel like you’re in the Lion King. Drive over diverse landscapes of rocky mountains, thick grasslands, dusty roads and  vast wetlands to see a wide variety of Africa’s life. A visit to Waterberg’s Entabeni Rehabilitation Wildlife Centre will give you an insight into the significant work being done to help care for, and up the numbers of, elusive white lions.

As well as its myriad mammals, South Africa boasts a brilliant birdlife. Turn your eyes to the skies in Dundee’s Ithala Game reserve, where you can visit with TUI Tours, to see some of more than 3,000 species of birds brighten the horizon. The larger of these include black eagles, ostriches and lappet faced and white-backed vultures. 

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