AT&T settled about using 5GE in a lawsuit with Sprint.


Currently, many Android phones and iPhones on AT&T display a “5G E” logo despite only being on an upgraded version of 4G LTE. In February, Sprint sued AT&T claiming the carrier used “numerous deceptive tactics to mislead consumers” with the 5G E branding. On Monday, the two carriers reached a settlement that was characterized as “amicable” by both.

The 5G E identifier popped up on phones in certain regions where AT&T is expected to roll out its upcoming 5G network, which is scheduled for later this year and throughout 2020. AT&T calls this 5G Evolution. However, 5G E doesn’t mean a 4G phone is actually connected to a 5G network which led Verizon and T-Mobile to slam it as “fake 5G.” and Sprint to sue AT&T for false advertising.

The details of the settlement between the two carriers haven’t been released. And there is no word if or when AT&T will remove the 5G E logo from phones.

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AT&T tries tricking customers with 5G E logo



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