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As anyone who has worked in restaurants knows, many chefs respond to a request for a well-done steak with an eye roll. A steak cooked brown all the way through not only takes longer, but it also diminishes the taste from a nice cut of meat. The “Have Mercy” rapper YBN Cordae revealed in a recent Twitter thread that he likes his steak well-done, and his Twitter following wouldn’t allow it.

YBN responded to a photo of a thoroughly-cooked piece of meat with “That sh*t look perfect to me.”

His followers then started to drag the rapper, commenting on how dry the steak looked.

“Cordae cancelled until he learn how to eat steaks. Matter of fact… someone write a diss track,” one user wrote.

“Whoever eats this need a whole bottle of A1 no cap,” said another fan.

One follower even said that YBN’s steak preferences changed her feelings about YBN.

Others were more understanding and kindly urged the rapper to try a medium-rare steak.

Some followers were complementary of YBN, saying that they agreed with his meat preferences.

YBN wasn’t convinced and said his digestive system has “got some growing up to do,” but until then he won’t give up his well-cooked meat.

Finally, Twitter won and after after much convincing YBN agreed that he would make the transition to a more tender steak.

YBN Cordae is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music.

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