The opening track off Temp’rall Sho’gazing, the new album from New Orleans-based jazz/blues duo /fyoog/, “Better” is a great example of the project’s gripping and unique sound. Project co-founders Katarina Boudreaux and Sam Tepper embrace the spontaneous, improvisational tendencies of jazz while retaining an accessible melodic backbone. Such is evident on “Better,” which ventures into jam-friendly territory in its second half, following a melodic initial stir. Boudreaux’s vocals provide a gripping, precise presence. “This is the first collaborative project I have embarked on,” Boudreaux says. “Sam walked in on a gig, and we’ve worked together ever since. The three originals are co-written, and it is the first album I have not played keys on (three previous studio albums).”

Stream the album on Spotify below:

“Better” and other memorable tracks released in July can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of July 2019’ Spotify playlist.

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