TDUBARIQ dropped his project “Str8 Out The Jungle” on October 27th of this year. There are no shortcomings on this project because the list of songs is a standout. The album comprises of: InnerChi, Work Hard (Feat. REDFOREVER and JBLVD), Wasted, Haters (Feat. Khillo Kam), The Invite (Feat. Reason), Uptown Heros (Feat. Nico Luminated), Nowhere (Feat. King Yung and Andy), Scorpioseason, Snowbirds, SpiceGirl, Like That (Feat. Khillo Kam and AMG Tay), Look At Us, Seems, To The Grave (Start To Fall), Aaliyah Flow (Bonus Track).


This album is a solid 5 STAR RATING! It’s an actual meaningful album and not a bunch of songs that don’t correlate to one another. An incredible instant modern-day classic album from start to finish. It is a solid project that is not outdated. With enough songs to keep you refreshed and restored, this album guarantees an uninterrupted listening session and it is impossible for listeners not to turn on the repeat-all mode on their music device. It can be said of Tdubariq that on the production of the project, he didn’t lose his edge, he was not unstable, the motivation of his energy was top notch and he thus perfected the legendary hit-making formula.


For better for best, Tdubariq has indeed become a brand name in the American Hip-pop industry. He is also a mainstay for upcoming arts. Each title track is lovable and well thoughtfully composed from beats to rhymes and to life.

The excellence of this album and the successes it brings has made Tdubariq to soar higher in the rap industry, inhaling every detail of his flowing vibe and his energy. Inspiration sails high for this nigga, creating ripples from deep emotions that results in precious moments for all his fans and listeners all around the world.


TDUBARIQ, these are your songs. A melody composed on heartstrings of each passing day. The sounds are uniquely yours and yours alone. This album project is a verse of life that enables all and sundry to sing as they journey through life’s jungle path.

This album is a huge blessing to TDUBARIQ because he hasn’t disappointed the expectation of his fans and listeners in any way from beat to voicing and to production. We all can say that this dude is greatly blessed with life’s vast treasures mostly hushed.  

The Hip-pop industry resounds your name TDUBARIQ. She lifts her voice for the world to hear you. As long as there is life on earth, the 15-track Str8 Out the Jungle album will never cease to be on the lips of the lovers of rap music. This is a music album that has posit itself has beautiful, yet sublime. It causes his listeners to be attentive.

Visit TDUBARIQ’s official website to listen to “Str8 Out The Jungle